John Deere 8000/8010 Series v1.0 FS22

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John Deere 8000/8010 Series v1.0 FS22
Model is fully reworked and rescaled, all is now attached as it should be.. and I did many more things, so enjoy
Motor config.
(8100 1995=1996//8100 1997=1999//8110 1999=2002//8200 1995=1996//8200 1997=1999//8210 1999=2002//8110 1999=2002//8300 1995=1996//8300 1997=1999//8310 1999=2002//8400 1995=1996//8400 1997=1999//8410 1999=2002)
Wheel brand config.
(Firsetone-Michelin-GoodYear-Trelleborg-Michelin AxioBib-Michelin AxiobBIb2-Michelin CereXBib2-Mitas-Mitas-BKT)
Wheel config.
(Standard-Wide)(+)(With wheel weights1)(+)(Twin back wheels)/(Twin wheels)/(Twin (Back) Wheels+weights)
Front attacher config.
(Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-Front hydraulic)
Front fenders config.
(No-Fenders1, Fenders2)
Back fenders config.
(No-Yes (on EU version there s also wide option))
GreenStar config.
(No-Holder-Star Fire 3000)
Beacons config.
Passenger seat
Steering Knob config.
Extended animation sounds
Mod is full animated (Pedals, reverser, transmission, thorttles..)
(openable door, back window, openable steps, seat box, warning signs on us version, mount link balls, turnable cab light,steering rotation, steering translation..
!!Log is clean and free of errors and mod is also tested on MP!!


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