Benz Nordwestmecklenburg v1.0 FS22

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Benz Nordwestmecklenburg v1.0 FS22
So, after a very, very long time and many announcements, it is now time to make the Benz NWM map publicly available for download. A little foreword.

The card was played for the first time in LS13, at that time it was completely rebuilt according to the real model in Mecklenburg. After 9 (in words NEW) years and two lived through LS parts, the map is now at a level where I think it can be downloaded. The map definitely still has corners that need attention and is not yet completely clean in the log. However, I am now at a level where I really have no motivation to deal with the map anymore.
In the LS11 and 13 there were often cards that came as a beta version for the DL, at that time I was very happy about it, both to play on the cards and to build them further. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case nowadays, rather almost finished maps gather dust on hard drives because they may still have a few bugs or don’t meet all the conditions for the Modhub. That’s a shame.
The LS lives through varied maps, of which there are unfortunately far too few!
So that made me decide to make the map available for download.
If I feel like working on the map again, I would be happy if you post your bugs with screenshots on the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania -A Neverending Story- Discord in the “Bugs in Benz” thread. Here you will also find the download link for the map.

On the 4-fold map you will find over 1000 hectares of farmland, a dairy farm with a biogas plant and an arable farm.
I recommend you to use GPS-Mod, Autodrive and Courseplay.

uqser, Try, AxeDiamend, Mo6R, colore.

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